About Plano Title

Let Benchmark Title Plano help you close your slice of the $5 Billion Mile.

Built on relationships and referrals, Benchmark Title is Texas family owned and operated. We understand the significance of each transaction and work diligently to ensure a smooth and professional closing. Our veteran closing teams are proficient, knowledgeable and responsive. Feel free to stop buy and meet us. We will make you feel at home.


  • Sharilyn Pipkin

    Sharilyn Pipkin Senior Escrow Officer

  • Kerry Ahlfinger

    Kerry Ahlfinger Escrow Officer

  • Tasha Hubbard

    Tasha Hubbard Escrow Officer

  • Caroline Finklea

    Caroline Finklea Escrow Assistant

  • Kelly Buettner

    Kelly Buettner Business Development

  • Quiona Allen

    Quiona Allen Escrow Officer