The Benchmark Title Team is Here For YOU

At Benchmark Title, our people are our greatest resource. Each and every member of our team takes pride in providing you with the very best closing experience possible. From our attorneys and exam department to the business development and closing teams, we treat your commercial or residential transaction with the greatest attention to detail, communicate throughout the process and expedite your closing efficiently.

Family owned and operated makes a difference, we invite you to experience Benchmark Title.

  • Mike Barnett
    Mike Barnett

    Chairman of the Board


  • Jonathan Filgo
    Jonathan Filgo



  • Ben Murphy
    Ben Murphy

    President, Benchmark Title


  • Trey Adams
    Trey Adams

    Vice President, Business Development


  • Gerald Dunn
    Gerald Dunn



  • Brian Ficke
    Brian Ficke



  • Alex Ann Peck
    Alex Ann Peck

    Marketing Coordinator


  • Greg Phelps
    Greg Phelps

    Business Development


  • Scott Sherer
    Scott Sherer



  • Shay Sides
    Shay Sides

    Business Development/1031


  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adams

    Attorney/Commercial Escrow Officer


  • Ben Gibbins
    Ben Gibbins

    Executive Vice President, Commercial Escrow Officer


  • Brittney Payne
    Brittney Payne

    Commercial Escrow Officer


  • Brett Poston
    Brett Poston

    Attorney/Commercial Escrow Officer


  • Tammy Russell
    Tammy Russell

    Commercial Escrow Officer


  • Kiley McGuire
    Kiley McGuire

    Vice President, Business Development


  • Sean Burden
    Sean Burden

    Escrow Officer


  • Ally Macatee
    Ally Macatee

    Escrow Officer


  • Hazel Bailey
    Hazel Bailey

    Vice President, Business Development & Marketing


  • Kerry Ahlfinger
    Kerry Ahlfinger

    Escrow Officer


  • Tasha Hubbard
    Tasha Hubbard

    Escrow Officer


  • Sharilyn Pipkin
    Sharilyn Pipkin

    Senior Escrow Officer


  • Lindsey Majors
    Lindsey Majors

    Business Development


  • Julie Pierro
    Julie Pierro

    Escrow Officer/Branch Manager


  • Laura Haussmann
    Laura Haussmann

    1031 Exchange Specialist


  • Lindsay Nahoum
    Lindsay Nahoum

    Business Development